We built something for you… and we’re beyond proud to share it.

For years, we’ve been hearing from clients who wish they could skate with us but just can’t get to one of our programs.  Of course, in the beginning, we just kept offering more dates, more ice times, and more levels within our programming.  

Which REALLY worked! But the world has changed – have you noticed?  

Our global reach and our intention to make a difference for players anywhere in the world has stretched us into the online space and we’re READY to share it with you!

Before you begin – please know that every single item, video, or written piece of content has been put together with the same delivery standard that we create for you on the ice in person.  These aren’t ‘side projects’ for us – but intentional offerings to get the best of all our collected years of knowledge into your hands no matter where you live or skate.

Ready to make your Digital Decision?

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Just can’t wait to get started on Maximizing your Stride?

This action driven App experience is for you!

Let’s say you have ice time in front of you but just aren’t sure how to use it to your full advantage…. Maybe you’re a coach who’s looking to implement programming that will measurably improve the stride of your players.  Or, you just want a tune up that you can easily do on your own!

QS OTS is here!

It’s our Quantum Speed – Online Training Systems.

Get Access Now!
  • 9 Course Modules of intentional movement to layer your technique and measurably improve your stride!
  • Easy to access anywhere, you’ll have it in your pocket at the arena through your phone!
  • Specific video, audio, and written content is provided in the easy to follow flow of how you skate each exercise!



Stride Analysis is an individual feedback series powered by our core instructor team through the ‘Coach Now’ application.

Who is this product for??

  • You’re a Players who feels stuck with a certain part of your stride
  • You really want to show up in person with Quantum Speed but just can’t get there physically
  • It’s mid-season and you want to check in with the stride you built in the summer for some personalized feedback
  • Although super motivated, frustration has set in and you don’t know where to start on improving your skating…
  • You are simply obsessed with improving your stride!

Here’s the overview in a few simple steps:

Register Now

It’s our hashtag for a reason!  #decide why you want to improve your skating this season


Sign up through our simple Stride Analysis process and send us video footage of your skating


You’ll receive a login to the ‘Coach Now’ site where your personal experience with Quantum Speed begins


When you see the video analysis, really take in your individual video, voice, and written feedback


Get clear on WHAT you want to improve about your stride then take action on the ice to achieve it