We are writing to share an update on behalf of all of us at Quantum Speed and Skatetech Group of Companies, including the 2 Proskate Edmonton locations -as we manage COVID-19. As we all know, the events of the past days and weeks have been unprecedented, and our Q Crew continues to monitor and navigate this rapidly changing situation with the rest of the world. Taking care of our people is incredibly important to all of us at Quantum Speed, and we want you to assure you that we are here for you at this time. Effective immediately, we have shifted our business completely to offer you and your players:

• Online Courses- Learning and sharing current skating and hockey development insights
• Webinars- Specific topics important to you
• Online Meet-Ups with your Quantum Speed Crew
• Online Panels of Industry Experts

These courses, webinars and meet-ups will be accessed from the safety of your own home and are intended to support you during this difficult time. Please take care of yourself and your family, and we will come out of this stronger than ever, together. Our Community will be your immunity to fear!

Your Quantum Speed Team