TIME! You now unexpectedly have time, what will you choose to do with it? Within our Quantum Speed community, we use the analogy of ‘sharpening your saw’ — maintaining your physical and mental prowess to prevent skill stagnation during this downtime. For example, you get your gear ready, eat well, skates sharpened etc. before a game. Not during it. Preparation and planning is how we sharpen the saw. A sharp saw is the most efficient and fastest way to chop wood!

Ask yourself, “what can I be doing to sharpen my saw today?” Here are three main areas of off-ice development you can focus on.

Rest and Recovery

We all need more rest in our lives, but rest is not always just lying on the couch. It can be active rest and recovery — doing light cross training or movements you do not usually do for hockey or ringette. This time can also be used to access medical professionals to alleviate any injuries you might have no matter how small. Now is the time to be balancing out your body for these next coming months of off-season preparation. Quantum Speed is introducing three new online courses specifically targeted at keeping athletes active, our Hockey Fit, INOV8 Stickhandling and Ringette Ready programs. Stay game ready in your living room!

Preparation and Planning

Now more than ever this is the perfect opportunity to be forming a plan of for the next season. Having concrete goals in front of you and filling in the roadmap to make them happen is how a champion’s dreams become reality. There is no better way to stay informed for your athletic career planning than to receive insight from some of the best in the business. This is why Quantum Speed will be hosting QS Insights, an online webinar series geared towards showcasing industry experts as they share with us exclusive knowledge of how champions succeeds.

Mental Performance Training

Most often forgotten during the off-season is an athlete’s mental performance training. Keep the same mindset that drives you both on and off the ice sharp. With this off-ice season having arrived much faster than expected, Quantum Speed is offering several resources to keep your mind and your wits sharp. Our upcoming QS:IQ Book Club will be diving into and discussing the best supplementary reading material we know to add to your physical aspects of competing. Join us to maintain and grow your mental performance!

Quantum Speed’s all-new online courses aim to curb this unprecedented amount of time we now have. Register now to take charge of this off-ice time and receive the physical and mental training you need to maintain your edge.

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