We haven’t blogged for a while … SO what have we been up to?  Well A LOT!  And lots you need to know about!

1)    Skate Tech Group of Companies – 3 businesses you already know aligning in a more formal way to serve your High Performance skating needs.

Pro-Skate Edmonton, Quantum Speed and Skating Success have come together to deliver you even more value and customized experiences.  It’s all still a work in progress however our vision of providing services, education, equipment and training to elevate the performance of ice skaters, players and coaches is coming to fruition!  Stay tuned for an exciting 2018!

2)    We recently signed up to carry on the tradition of the Crestwood Skating Club.  40 years old and still going strong, we are proud and excited to take on the task of delivering this program for the next 40!  Getting to know Sandy Dorfman and her crew has been a joy.  Delivering youth programming is a whole new ball game for us and continues to be an amazing experience!  You need to know  If you have young ones at home we now have a Learn-To-Skate program to get them started, on the right (and left) skate


3)    Our on-ice A team- Daniel Starosta, Al Nelson, Melanie Thomas and Ryan Wilkinson have been ‘all in’ this season “ throwing themselves into the intensive Quantum Speed Head Instructor Training Program. You need to know we are expanding our team to provide you even more learning programs and opportunities up your game.

4)    Since June of 2016 Vanessa and Steffany are consulting with Skate Canada on their new, updated CanPowerSkate Program!


5)    Vanessa and Steffany are continuing to consult with Hockey Canada on their Skills Coach Certification Program!  Since 2012 Quantum Speed is the only Master Skating Instructors for Hockey Canada.

6)    Steffany’s going to the Olympics  again!  Steffany is off to South Korea in February with her long time clients Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon and the amazing, talented skaters. She is Performance Coach to four amazing Dance Teams from four countries training at the Montreal International Skating School #EPMISS

Papadakis & Cizeron, France 


Founier-Beudry & Sorenson, Denmark 


Hubble & Donohue, USA


Smart & Diaz, Spain 


7)    Vanessa, with the support of the Q-Crew, cared for her Mother and family through an intense battle with cancer.  Sadly Jane Hettinger passed away August 2nd of this year.  Our Q3 registration team will never be the same without her kindness and generous spirit.  We miss her dearly.

8)    Our entire Q Crew supported friends and family journeys with births, weddings, illness and death over the last few months “ the cycle of life gives perspective to what is important now (Your WIN)!  It has brought us even closer and even MORE committed to ensure every moment we have to support your goals and dreams is precious!

9)    Vanessa continues to rock it on the ice with the best of the best! The Swift Current Broncos is her latest team to SK8Faster.


10)  We have been working with Hockey Alberta & Hockey Edmonton in different capacities to reach even more players and their families.  Check out the December Stride Clinic below:


11) We’re partnered with Fulton Place Skating Club (our 20th year) and South West Zone (our 21st year) to deliver weekly skating programs to their members!

www.fpsc.co  www.swzhockey.ca 

12) We have been hosting EPICC events at the stores!  (Edmonton Professional Instructors and Coaching Community) These VIP events and Team events are a celebration, are educational, informal and Oh YA- private shopping opportunities and one on ones with our amazing staff   more to come on this one!

13) Our favourite Power Week Seminar Guru Dan Peacocke has left the nest and is pursuing exciting possibilities in the world of Coaching again!  Don’t worry though-you will still see him around the rinks and doing his Seminars this coming Spring and Summer!

14) Many of YOU have been sharing your wins with us Alberta Winter Games, the Canada vs Russia Series, Player of the Games, Pro Camps we read and watch every single one.  Keep ’em coming!