Targeted & focused small group sessions that support you in making a Quantum Change … Small Changes to see Big Results! You’ve already experienced the transformative change associated with QS’s Signature Q3 Program. Now you have the foundation of athletic ease of movement, so tweaks and improvements come easier and faster.


Reflect on your past season’s wins and losses, and on WHO you aspire to be next season. Be realistic with yourself about the feedback you’ve received from scouts, coaches, agents and GMs. What is the skating skill that will give you the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) in your game today? Decide. All Graduate Programs require you to have completed a minimum of 2 x Quantum Speed Q3 or Q3i Spring or Summer programs within the past 3 years. Graduate Programs can be taken on their own, or in combination. All Graduate Programs include a complementary MindShift Webinar.
This program consists of a small group of high level skaters who are looking for small changes to see big results!  This program is self-directed, meaning that your program will be designed specifically for what YOU want to improve on.  This program includes goal-directed content, direct feedback, error detection and correction, mental performance webinars, and the option to put your skills to the test by skating in up to three 1-hour group sessions.
Where TECHNIQUE meets TECHNOLOGY. Refine your skating through on-ice video analysis, and real-time professional error detection and correction.  We’ll help you make the “Quantum Change” that you need in your skating (the smallest possible change to see the biggest possible result).
Known as True Power Skating, this program will challenge you through on-ice strength training, conditioning, plyometrics and sprints. Your body will learn how to execute explosive movements consistently, and to maintain posture and form through fatigue and external forces. With APEX training you will lock down and maximize your body’s capacity for speed. The APEX program is about climbing the mountain. Doing what you need to do to EARN the title of “great skater”.
The game has changed. Being a great skater is no longer optional – it’s required. Defensemen are expected to not only defend against the best skaters in the world, but also to be one themselves. Focusing on transition skating and backward acceleration, the DMAN program will help you gain the confidence you need to face the fastest skaters in the league.
It’s what today’s coaches, scouts, agents and fans want to see: Speed, explosiveness and the ability to move quickly and deceptively on the ice. From a stop, in motion, to exiting a turn, XLR8 gives you the foundation to fly. Work on the quickness of your first step, turns and transitions, and gain more acceleration from a stop and while moving.
INOV8 is the progression of our signature, guaranteed Q3 Program and includes skating skills with pucks, acceleration utilizing puck movement, skill combinations, and hand and foot speed training. The INOV8 program includes both on and off ice sessions and features creative, game-specific skills and drills with professional feedback and high tempo repetition.
As a player at your level, there will be times that are mentally and emotionally challenging.  How you handle stress and manage your self talk is a critical piece of your success. The skills that you learn through MindShift transcend far beyond the game.  The only game you’re playing is your own … and it will be your shift that makes the difference.  MindShift sessions are intended to be accessible through your preferred learning style.  They are available as group or individual sessions. They are also available in-person and through online webinars.